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Welcome to TAMIU’s Thesis/Dissertation page


Congratulations on deciding to complete a Thesis or Dissertation during your graduate studies!  This webpage and the ensuing sub-pages will attempt to help you through the process of writing and formatting your thesis/dissertation to comply with TAMIU Thesis guidelines.


Important Deadlines 

Semester Original Submission for Review Submission of Final Copy
Fall Friday, November 17, 2017 the day before graduation
Spring 4 weeks prior to graduation the day before graduation
Summer 4 weeks prior to graduation the day before graduation

The TAMIU Thesis and Dissertation manual has been prepared by the Dean of the Graduate School to assist graduate students and their committee members in the preparation of thesis & dissertations. The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines on uniform standards of style and format while allowing enough flexibility to satisfy the acceptable practices of each academic discipline.
This link will take you to a copy of the Thesis/Dissertation Manual which contains all of the guidelines and rules for formatting your thesis/dissertation.

TAMIU Thesis and Dissertation Manual

Note: Texas A&M International University requires that your name on the thesis & dissertation match your University records exactly. Please verify that the name on your manuscript reflects the spelling and form of your name in Banner, including the use of middle names and/or abbreviations.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Any student who plans on doing research with human participants must have their research approved by the Institutional Review Board before commencing the data collection. The IRB is the Texas A&M International University committee that reviews and approves protocols, which use human participants in research. All the research involving human subjects must be approved by the IRB before commencing research.

IRB reviews the protocols to ensure that the rights and welfare of the participants are protected and the proposed use of human participants is in compliance with federal, state and university regulations. Researchers must submit an IRB protocol form and all necessary documents with the faculty mentor listed as the principal investigator and the student listed as a co-principal investigator to the IRB for review. Please visit the IRB web page for more information.

Visit our TAMIU DSpace Repository. This is a service that allows for the collection, preservation, and distribution of digital material. This is meant to facilitate scholarly communication. Feel free to browse through our current collections of material.
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