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TAMIU Service-Learning Expo Names Winners Posted: 4/25/17

TAMIU Service-Learning Expo Names Winners


Service-Learning Projects impressed judges.  



Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) students and faculty showcased service-learning projects conducted with local non-profit and government organizations at the annual Service-Learning Expo Tuesday, April 25 in the Student Center (SC) Ballroom.

Admission was free and open to the public.    

Named winners at the concluding Award Ceremony are the following:


1st Place Poster Winners:

Group Name: A Journey to the Dominican Republic: Children of Batey  7

Dr. Tonya Huber, College of Education

Class: EDCI 5329-261 Action Research Design

Group Member 1:     Priscilla Salazar; Group Member 2:     Sherline Salazar.


2nd Place Poster Winners:

Group Name: Service Learning at Bethany House

Dr. Huber

Class: EDCI 5399.262 Special Issues in Curriculum and Instruction

Group Member 1:     Jose M. Ramos.


3rd Place Poster Winners:

Group Name: International Service-Learning in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Huber

Class: Methods and Management EC-12

Group Member 1:     Elizabeth San Miguel.


Student Favorite Poster Winners:

Group Name: Leading Students to Success a Step at a Time

Dr. Xuseong Wang & Ms. Bonnie Villarreal, College of Education

Class: EDEL 3362

Group Member 1:     Lili Jimenez; Group Member 2:     Deyanira Chapa;

Group Member 3:     Marissa Carmona; Group Member 4:     Fabiola Rodriguez;

Group Member 5:     Alejandra Rodriguez; and Group Member 6:     Leslie Maldonado. 


1st Place UNIV 8:30 a.m. Winners:

Group Name: FMSC

Dr. Heriberto Urby, College of Arts and Sciences  & Destine Holmgreen, University College

Class: UNIV-1402 Disaster Management

Group Member 1:     Brenda Orozco; Group Member 2:     Carolina Gomez-Salinas and

Group Member 3:     Valeria Perez.


1st Place UNIV 9:30 a.m. Winners:

Group Name: Cultural Views and Perspective

Dr. Julio Lujano, College of Nursing and Health Sciences and & Ann Hoey, University College

Class: UNIV 1402-260 Sexual Literacy

Group Member 1:     Cassie Guardiola; Group Member 2:     Alisa Bernal; Group Member 3:     Lilian Garza;

Group Member 4:     Beto Fasci; Group Member 5:     Jose Ortiez and Group Member 6:     Mariana Corvea.


1st Place UNIV 10:30 a.m. Winners:

Group Name: Who really is asking for it?

Dr. Lujano & Ann Hoey

Class: UNIV 1402 Sexual Literacy

Group Member 1:     Daniela Dally; Group Member 2:     Conrado Quiroga and Group Member 3:     Joshua Herrera.


Some 425 students showcased 103 projects and represented 21 TAMIU service-learning courses. Among project community partners were the Boys & Girls Club of Laredo, PILLAR, and Bethany House.

Upper division students presented posters in the SC ballroom.  UNIV 1102 students presented in the SC Rotunda.  Student project presentations were held from 9 - 11 a.m.  The Award Ceremony followed.

Service-learning is an educational experience in which students participate in a TAMIU credit-bearing course paired with an organized community service component. Key to service-learning are guided and structured reflections that support learning by enhancing course content comprehension, integrating academic and service concepts, and developing civic/social justice responsibility. 

For more information, contact Dr. Marcela Uribe, director, service-learning, community-based research and faculty initiatives, at, or visit the Service-Learning Center in Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center, room 223. Information is also available online at

 University office hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.