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General Information

Whether you're a former high school varsity athlete or have never played organized sports before, joining TAMIU INTRAMURALS could be the perfect decision for you. College is a major transition for most students, and playing intramural sports is one way to help you through that transition. Playing intramural sports isn't just good for the fun of it -- it allows you to reap rewards for your health, social life and even academic pursuits. The greatest part of intramurals is the memories and friendships you make. These memories will live on with you and your friends for a lifetime.

For more information contact:

Intramural Specialist: Bernie Zebadua


(956) 326 - 3016

TAMIU FALL 2017 Intramural Schedule



Captains Meeting

Play Begins

Officials Workshop

Dodgeball Tournament

August 29

August 30

September 4-7

August 28 & 29

Flag Football League

Sept 6

 Sept 6

Sept 11 - Oct 5

Sept 1, 7 - 9

Volleyball League

Sept 19

Sept 20

Sept 25 - Oct 19

Sept 21 - 23

Badminton Singles Tournament

Sept 20

Check email

Sept 22 & 29


3x3 Basketball Tournament

Oct 10

Oct 11

Oct 14


Table Tennis Singles Tourney

Oct 11

Check email

Oct 13 & 20


Pickleball Singles Tourney

Oct 25

 Check email

Oct 27


Indoor Soccer League

Oct 17

Oct 18

Oct 23 - Nov 16

Oct 19 - 21

Softball Tournament

Oct 31

Nov 1

Nov 4

Nov 2 & 3

Kickball Tournament

Nov 13

Nov 14

Nov 20 & 21

Nov 15 & 16



To sign up for Intramurals go to

Creating a Profile

Create a profile with the following information: Name, or email, phone number, and ID number are the most important information needed. After creating the profile you can download the REC IT app for your mobile device to receive notifications and also to be able to create/ join teams with our friends.

Team Roster

Interested in participating in an intramural sporting event? Please click on the team roster form below and fill in all required spaces. Include team captain information as well as individual teammate information (i.e. names, id numbers, phone numbers, emails etc). All events are open to students, faculty, staff, & spouse. Completed forms must be submitted to the Department of Recreational Sports.

Free Agent Program

Interested in participating in an intramural sport but don´t know anyone or have enough players? Rec. Sports has just what you need. The "Free Agent" program helps individuals become part of the intramural action by posting their names and telephone numbers on a "Free Agent" list. Teams needing players can then choose from this list or new teams will be formed from the available free agents. To sign-up, please fill out the "Free Agent". The list will be updated on a regular basis. Completed forms must be submitted to the Department of Recreational Sports.

Intramural FAQ'S

Who is eligible to participate in Intramural Events?

  • Currently enrolled students at TAMIU
  • Faculty and Staff (must have a Rec Sports membership)

Can Alumni, University Affiliates or general community members participate with the Intramural Program?

  • NO only students who are currently enrolled, along with faculty and staff who have a current Rec Sports Membership

Can a person compete in multiple divisions?

  • YES, a person can compete in multiple divisions, provided they only participate on one team within a single division. (example: a person can participate in one men's team  and one co-rec team in basketball)

Can a member of the Intercollegiate Athletic Team (ex: basketball) participate in Intramural Events?

  • YES, as long as they do not participate with the same sport in which they compete at the Intercollegiate Level (ex: Basketball players cannot participate in the 3x3 Basketball or 5x5 Basketball)

How long does a member of an Intercollegiate team have to wait to participate in the same sport in which they competed?

  • One full calendar year from the last day of the season for the Intercollegiate team. (ex: a team's last game was Feb. 2nd 2011, consequently a player whose name appears on the roster may not participate in the same sport till Feb. 2nd 2012)

If an Intercollegiate player did not complete the season, when would they become eligible?

  • The rule remains the same, one full calendar year from the last day of the season for the intercollegiate team. (ex: player leaves a team Jan. 10 2011 but the season ends Mar. 12, 2011, then the player may not participate in the sport till Mar. 12, 2012)

Can Coaches from the University participate in Intramurals event of sport they are currently employed?

  • Yes, as long as they have purchased a Rec Sports Membership. (ex: a soccer coach can participate in outdoor soccer or indoor soccer provided they have purchased a Rec Sports membership)

Can a team be eliminated from playoff contention?

  • Yes, they can be eliminated for the following reasons: n